About Us

The Credo Blind and Wallpaper Company has the largest selection of blinds and wallpaper that you will find at any site on the Internet. If you are looking for blinds and wallpaper, this is the company to deal with. The wide selection of different types of blinds that you can order will have you browsing the online catalog for days before you make your final decision. Not only does Credo Blind and Wallpaper have the largest selection, but it has cheap prices and delayed payments so you can save money this way as well. You will find all the top manufacturers of blinds at Credo Blind and Wallpaper and every possible type of window blind you can imagine.

The Credo Factory has a decorator shop where you can get expert advice on decorating every room of your home. Commercial buildings, as well, rely on the advice of the decorators at Credo Blinds and Wallpaper. If you live in Michigan, you can schedule a free shop at home appointment. This means that a representative of Credo Wallpaper and Blinds will come to your home or office. When you make your purchase from Credo Blinds and Wallpaper, you get a lifetime warranty on any repairs needed along with the low prices.

It is easy to see why Credo homes and businesses like to purchase blinds and wallpaper from the Credo Blind and Wallpaper Company. This company is determined to put the customer first and see that your needs are met. The friendly staff will go out of their way to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the wallpaper and blinds that you buy. It doesn’t matter where you live because Credo Blinds and Wallpaper will ship the blinds or wallpaper that you order online to any part of the country. In addition to the low prices, you won’t have to pay shipping charges on your purchase.

If you have questions about blinds and wallpaper that you can’t find the answer to on the site for Credo Blind and Wallpaper, there is a toll free number that you can use to contact customer service. You can also order sample swatches of blinds and wallpaper from the Credo Blinds and Wallpaper catalog. This is the perfect way for you to shop at home if you live outside of Michigan. Credo Wallpaper and Blinds will provide 10 free samples of blinds for only $5 and you can get samples of brand names such as Hunter Douglas and Levelor.

For everything you need in blinds, wallpaper and area rugs, Credo Blind and Wallpaper is your one-stop shopping source. No other retailer of blinds has the selection of brand names, types of blinds and the range of colors that you will find at Credo Blinds and Wallpaper. Once you browse the catalog, you will be hooked on the selection and the prices. You will become a customer of Credo Blind and Wallpaper and will most definitely recommend this company to your friends.